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This page lists Spinnaker Toastmasters Club's upcoming meetings, explains roles at meetings, gives a sample meeting agenda, and meeting resources.

Meeting Calendar

Spinnaker Toastmasters Club meets in the St Andrew's Anglican Parish Centre, 11 Steyne Avenue, Plimmerton, on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from 7.30 pm-9.30 pm. If you are intending to visit a club meeting as a guest or potential member, please contact us first to let us know you are coming, so we can roll out the red carpet, and put your name on our programme for the evening.

We ask that you observe sanitising, contact tracing and physical distancing protocols on arrival and during the meeting.

2020 Meeting Calendar

You can print our 2020 Meeting Calendar for reference.

Resources for Online Meetings

Spinnaker may also have some online meetings in the future.

Here are some resources to help club members manage online meetings. All files are in pdf format. There are some new roles for online meetings.

How our meetings are organised

For each meeting an agenda is drawn up by the chairperson for the meeting which shows the timing of each activity and the person undertaking that role.

A schedule of future meetings and their themes is distributed every month by the Vice President Education listing the duties assigned to club members.

Visitors and guests are usually invited to participate in table topics (impromptu speaking) if they wish, and will be approached by the Table Topics Master before the meeting to find out if they wish to be included.

Who does what at meetings?

At each meeting, members perform specific roles that have been previously assigned. These roles rotate amongst the members, meeting by meeting, so that everyone in the club gains experience in a variety of speaking and communication roles.


The Chairperson organises and runs the meeting. They prepare and publish a written agenda and may introduce each speaker. The Chairperson may also assign other roles such as Grammarian, or Memory Master, and they set the theme for the meeting.

Table Topics Master

The Table Topics Master prepares the topics for the impromptu speaking part of the meeting. The speakers chosen from the audience are those who do not have an assigned duty during the meeting. Visitors are usually invited to participate in table topics if they wish.


The Speakers deliver speeches they have prepared on a topic of their choosing from an assignment in the Toastmasters educational programme. Each speaker has particular goals that they are aiming for - these are listed in each project. Plus they may have personal goals they wish to achieve as well.


An evaluator is assigned to each speaker. The evaluator's role is to introduce the speaker and provide both verbal and written feedback on how well they met the objectives of the speech. Evaluators comment on the speaker's strengths as well as areas where they might improve for next time. Each evaluation is delivered to the whole audience so everyone can learn. The Evaluator also provides a written evaluation for the speaker.


The Timekeeper times each participant and ensures they do not exceed the time that the Chairperson has allocated. Three lights are used to indicate how close the speaker is to the end of their time. When the green light comes on, the speaker is nearing the end of the speech, when the yellow light comes on, it is time to start winding up the speech, and when the red light comes on it is time to end the speech. The timekeeper usually reports back to the meeting on how well each speaker did.

General Evaluator

The General Evaluator gets the last say at a meeting by evaluating all meeting participants who haven't already received evaluations, especially the Chairperson and Speech Evaluators. They make comments on how well the meeting was run and where improvements can be made.

A Typical Meeting Agenda

Here's a typical Spinnaker Toastmasters meeting agenda (but may vary):

Note: Timings may vary depending on the speech project being presented. Up to 5 prepared speeches may be delivered during a meeting. Evaluations of Prepared Speeches are usually 2-3 minutes.

Chairperson and Meeting Resources

Here are a range of resources for the Chairperson to use when preparing and running a meeting at Spinnaker Toastmasters Club. Documents are in Word or pdf format for reuse.

Speech Contest Judging Forms and Rules

Toastmasters International has published the Speech Contest Rulebook and Speech Contest Judging forms. Visit the Speech Contests section of the Toastmasters International website for links to the various forms you require, and look at the other contest resources available.

Minutes of Annual Business and Special Meetings

This section lists the minutes of Annual and Special Business Meetings (Word or pdf Format).


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